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Welcome to Norminal News!

A Blog About All Things Space

Thank You for Coming!

     I am sure that most of you visitors like space (or anything that goes into space). If you don't, then I assume you want to learn more about space, because someone told you something you thought was amazing, or you just want to hear about some recent news. If you are one of the few people who just stumbled across this site, then I hope

you gain an interest in space, or at least learn something.

     Norminal news is a Blog about all things space. Whether there is a launch, landing, or new discovery, i'll be here to explain every inch of detail. I am thrilled to share this vast world with you, and I hope you are as excited as I am.

    My goal as a blogger is to have a consistent schedule, consisting of a post a week, and whenever an activity happens; I hope you understand if the schedule is not perfect. Posts will not be available in the winter. Feel free to comment on the posts, as long as they include everyone and are family friendly. Also, feel free to ask me questions either in the comments, or email me here.

     If you came here to find out what Norminal means, here it is. John Insprucker, the Principal Integration Engineer at SpaceX, was the host of a livestream showing the launch of the Intelsat 35e satellite. 4 minutes into the flight, he said "The propulsion continues to be norminal," mixing up the two spaceflight terms normal and nominal, creating the term. You can watch a replay of the launch here (he said norminal at 11:30). 

Have fun exploring the universe!

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