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SpaceX Completes 10th Launch for NASA

Hello fellow space enthusiasts, Welcome back to Norminal News!

SpaceX has launched CRS-25, a mission to resupply the International Space Station with food, water, oxygen, and countless experiments to do work on. Whenever there is a new supply mission, the astronauts love to enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies. After enjoying the fresh foods, everyone onboard goes to unpack the rest of the stuff delivered. They use the extra space in the Dragon capsule to store unused items, things that need to be delivered to Earth, and trash. There are several experiments that have made it to the station, including EMIT, BRIC, DYNAMOS, Immunosenescence, and much more.

EMIT (Earth surface Mineral dust source InvestIgation) will measure the effect of dust clouds on temperature changes.

BRIC (Biopolymer Research for In-situ Capabilities) Is an experiment lead by Stanford students to test if Mars soil can be used to create structures essential for living on the rocky terrain.

DYNAMOS (DYNAmics of MicrObiomes in Space) is a project that compares two soil samples with millions of microorganisms, one on earth, and one in space, to see how these organisms could change life support systems.

Immunosenescence is a study showing the effect of aging on your immune system in a microgravity environment. This may protect astronauts as they spend longer times in space.

To see a full list of all the experiments I recommend this video.

After the release of its first photos, the James Webb telescope has undergone even more testing. One of the photos it has taken is a photo of Jupiter, the fifth planet in the solar system, as well as several moons, Europa, Thebe, and Metis. Europa is thought to have water under its surface. If you look to the left of the Big Red Spot, you can see Europa's shadow as it passes over the surface. Here is a wonderful analysis of the photo.

The photo of Jupiter taken by Webb

A side by side comparison showing the moons (you may be able to see the rings)

For any videos that may interest you, I highly recommend this video by Everyday Astronaut explaining the difference between SpaceX's engines and Scott Manley's video about this weeks space news.

That is all for today, thank you so much for taking a look!

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